New York Jets: Underwhelming Free Agents with Underrated Value Pt 1: QB Matt Moore

By Dan Pizzuta
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With free agency set to start with the new league year on March 12 and the New York Jets not having much, or any cap flexibility, this week will be spent previewing some cheap free agents who could still help greatly on the field. This is part one of four.

Of all the thing to go wrong for the New York Jets last season, play from the quarterback position stands out. With incumbent Mark Sanchez due to make about $20 million more than Tom Brady for the next three years, he will undoubtedly be on the roster for the foreseeable future.

That shouldn’t stop the Jets from bringing in some competition for the position—it should actually encourage them. A veteran presence could A. push Sanchez more than Tim Tebow did as a backup or B. actually be an upgrade on the field. The Jets should be happy with either either of those options.

That brings us to Matt Moore.

Let’s start by comparing Moore and Sanchez since 2009 with Football Outsiders’ DYAR and DVOA stats—DYAR is overall value over average, while DVOA is value per play over average. To qualify for rankings, the quarterback had to throw 100 passes in the season.

While none of these seasons stand out as spectacular—and some come closer to the exact opposite—there are some points that stand out. It should be of note Moore has only appeared in 28 games in these four seasons compared to Sanchez’s 69. Both of these stats, especially DVOA, are adjusted for that difference. Moore has only had one season with a negative DYAR, while Sanchez has only had one season in the positive. Sanchez has also never had an above average season on a per-play basis, compared to Moore’s two.

For a career, Moore also has a better statistics concerning turnovers with a lower interception rate and better touchdown to interception ratio than Sanchez.

Moore’s contract signed with the Miami Dolphins before the 2011 season was for two years and $5 million. He could probably be had in free agency for around that price again.

Moore could at least be good competition for Sanchez in training camp, if nothing else—though in a true open competition, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him win the starting job.

Moore might not be the flashiest name on the market—although with how the free agent quarterback class looks (minus Joe Flacco), he might be—but at a low price and previous flashes of production, he could be what the Jets need to bring in.


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