Will Jacksonville Jaguars Consider Picking Geno Smith?

By Joey Farbo
NFL Combine Geno Smith
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars new general manager Dave Caldwell has a tough decision to make at the top of the NFL Draft.

With the news that the Kansas City Chiefs have traded for quarterback Alex Smith, the Jaguars will now likely have a chance to select Geno Smith with the second pick of April’s NFL Draft. While most consider Smith the top quarterback prospect available in the draft this year, nobody believes he is a truly elite prospect that typically warrants a top selection.

The Jaguars have several needs they need to address this off-season, but their biggest need is at the quarterback position. Despite all of the positive things that Caldwell has said about Blaine Gabbert, he has also expressed his desire to bring in quarterbacks to participate in an open competition. Smith would certainly have a legitimate shot at beating out Gabbert and being the Jaguars starting quarterback next year.

The big question is whether or not Caldwell believes Smith is a franchise quarterback. If the answer is yes, then he should not hesitate to pull the trigger and draft Smith. If the answer is no, then the second draft pick might become an interesting bargaining chip come draft night.

Other teams behind the Jaguars in the draft like the Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals and Buffalo Bills have a need for a quarterback this off-season, and have expressed interest in Smith. Both the Cardinals and Bills would be attractive trade-down candidates for the Jaguars, if one of those teams wants to jump the Raiders for a chance at Smith.

Only one thing is certain now with the Jaguars and the second draft pick, Caldwell has a really tough decision to make. It is unlikely, however, that he will tip his hand prior to the draft. So, Jaguars fans will have to sit patiently and wait to see what direction the franchise is moving.

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