Alex Smith's Mom Happy With Son's Trade to Kansas City Chiefs

By Dan Parzych
(Kelley L. Cox/USA Today Sports)

Even though the deal can’t officially be in place until March 12, the San Francisco 49ers have agreed on a trade to send Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs–giving him the chance at the starting job under new head coach Andy Reid. With the way things played out last season for Smith, it was clear a fresh start with a new team was on its way considering the 49ers made it clear Colin Kaepernick was the starting quarterback moving forward.

While the Chiefs may not be anywhere close to the same level as the 49ers at the moment after finishing with just two wins in 2012, at least Smith knows his mother is happy about the change of scenery.

Pam Smith recently discussed how excited she was for her son’s move considering the unexpected circumstances from last season and there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be at this point. Not only will Smith receive the opportunity to start again instead of playing the backup role, but Reid has been known to work with successful quarterbacks during his tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles–so it should be exciting to see how these two work together.

Give Smith’s mom credit for not making a big deal over the situation and understanding the tough circumstances from last season. Luckily, this seems to be one of those situations that will work out for both parties–so Smith and his family have every reason in the world to be excited about the trade with the Chiefs.

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