Chris Kluwe Teams With Brendon Ayanbadejo to Fight for Gay Marriage

By Andrew Fisher
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is now a household name when it comes to fighting for gay marriage. Things really picked up steam back when Kluwe wrote an open letter to a Maryland politician who told fellow NFL player Brendon Ayanbadejo to stick to football, after he spoke out on behalf of gay marriage.

The letter made it’s way around the internet like wildfire, and ever since, Kluwe has had a new platform to use for his support of gay marriage.

Now, he and Ayanbadejo are taking their fight to the Supreme Court in the case of Hollingsworth vs. Perry, which could affect marriage equality in California. The two football players want to use their influence, and wrote a brief which states the view on their matter:

“When we advance the idea that some people should be treated differently because of who they are, demeaned in public as lesser beings, not worthy of the same rights and benefits as others despite their actions as good citizens and neighbors, then we deny them equal protection under the laws. America has walked this path before, and courageous people and the Court brought us to the right result. We urge the Court to repeat those actions here.”

The technical term for this is a amicus brief, which states the position of someone interested in influencing a court case.

It’s great to see NFL players using their popularity to fight for the rights of other human beings. These two simply feel that people and people, and that no one should be denied basic rights based on sexual preference.

It will be interesting to see if this will indeed influence the case, and how people respond to professional athletes getting involved in legal matters at the highest level.


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