Martellus Bennett Needs To Be Patient

By jason evans
Martellus Bennett
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Martellus Bennett just wants to be loved apparently. The New York Giants yesterday re-signed tackle William Beatty to a new deal and Bennett, like a few other Giants, are free agents waiting on a new deal. In my opinion, Bennett needs to chill. He’ll get his money though.


Here’s what he said on twitter:

“ I don’t know bro. Not feeling the love. They have other priorities that come before little ole me. I’m just a small piece of what they’re trying to do there. … I’ve come to the conclusion that we are just temporary investments to the owners. Value money and growth over players. … Just like any business. Employees aren’t as valuable as we use to be. Everyone needs a job. Lol.”


First off, a stud left tackle is more important than a tight end. The Giants had to get something done with Beatty. Secondly, Victor Cruz is probably their next most important free agent, considering his value to the offense.

Do I think Bennett is a good player? Yes. Is he replaceable? Yes. I think the Giants would like to bring him back, however, I think they want him at their price. I think another team could give him more money than the Giants can and then it will be up to him what he wants to do. That’s the best part of free agency. The decision can be in the player’s hands.

It’s only February. Bennett will get his money. He just needs to be patient.

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