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Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Team to Keep Matt Flynn as Backup QB?

(Joe Nicholson/USA Today Sports)

There are plenty of Seattle Seahawks rumors swirling this offseason about what the team will end up doing with quarterback Matt Flynn. The former Green Bay Packers quarterback joined the team last offseason with the intention of being the starter, but he lost the job in training camp after the emergence of Russell Wilson.

Obviously, this turned out to be a poor investment on Seattle’s end considering how much money Flynn is guaranteed and while all signs pointed to the backup being on his way out during the offseason–it appears he may stick around after all.

Apparently, the Seahawks are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Flynn is their backup quarterback for the 2013 season and as crazy as it sounds–this may not be the worst idea in the world. Wilson has always been the type of quarterback who isn’t afraid to scramble around with his legs and if anything were to happen, the last thing Seattle would want is to not have a reliable backup quarterback.

Of course, it should be interesting to see how Flynn handles this situation considering the main reason he joined the Seahawks in the first place was to be the starting quarterback. Even if he doesn’t end up with the starting job and has to settle for the backup role in 2013, at least Flynn can be satisfied with the all of the money he’s making for sitting on the sidelines of the Seahawks.

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