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Should the New York Jets Sign QB David Garrard?

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(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

It’s been more than two years since David Garrard started a game in the NFL as he’s dealt with numerous injuries, but it appears the former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback is attempting a comeback after he recently worked out with the New York Jets. Of course, the main question now that everybody wants to know–would this be a good move by the Jets?

Obviously, the starting job at quarterback is Mark Sanchez‘s to lose at this point, but there’s no question New York could certainly use a reliable backup heading into the 2013 season considering the Tim Tebow experiment turned out to be nothing but a flop. Garrard spent the first nine seasons of his career with the Jaguars and even though he’s been out of the league for the last two years, the argument can be made that he would have been on the Miami Dolphins last year if he wasn’t dealing with injuries again.

What makes this move even more interesting is the Jets may not be 100 percent sold on having Sanchez as their starting quarterback and will probably weigh every option heading into the 2013 season. Then again, Garrard will be 35-years-old heading into next season and there’s no telling what any team should expect from a player that age who has been out of the league for the last two seasons.

He may have received a workout from the team, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Jets should automatically try bringing Garrard on board next season–which should make the next couple of months interesting.

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