What Does the Alex Smith Trade Mean For the Denver Broncos?

By Craig Moir
Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

Since yesterday, when it was announced that the Kansas City Chiefs will be trading two picks to the San Francisco 49ers for QB Alex Smith, every analyst, pundit and fan has been weighing in on how that will affect the balance in the AFC West. That means the trade should directly affect the Denver Broncos, correct?

Not so fast. The Chiefs were projected to win the division in 2012. They, in turn, won only two games and none in the west. I will go on record here stating that the Chiefs are still only the third best team in this division, with or without Smith.

The Broncos have no concerns, and should not have to worry about Smith joining the Chiefs. They are the class of the west and will prove that once again. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid loves the idea of having a QB like Smith because he can complete the short west coast offense passes, and be able to lead on the field.

But in all reality, Smith is not Peyton Manning, or Phillip Rivers for that matter. Heck, some would claim that Carson Palmer is a better quarterback.

So before anyone looks at the Chiefs roster again and claims they will be vastly improved because of Smith, I implore them to take a further look at the tape from the 2012 NFL season. The Chiefs look good on paper, but that doesn’t necessarily translate onto the field. Smith was productive in San Francisco because of the top talent that head coach Jim Harbaugh and his staff built around him, and it will take Reid a couple of years to mimic that talent: if he ever does.

So no, I do not believe the Broncos should be looking over their shoulders at any team in the west. As long as John Elway and the coaching staff continue with building this team as they have, they should be the top of the division for years to come.

Do you believe the Broncos should be concerned with this signing by the Chiefs?  Rant your comments below.

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