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5 Reasons Why the New York Jets Should Trade Darrelle Revis

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5 reasons why the New York Jets should trade Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis
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Most people will agree that Darrelle Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL.

But the New York Jets have every right to shop him and possibly trade him. As we all know the NFL is a business and no player should be surprised if his name is brought up in trade negotiations.

It's not even Revis's fault to be honest. The New York Jets management over the past three to four years created this scenario. The new Mark Sanchez deal didn't help either. Revis is currently signed on a four year $46 million dollar deal that was signed in 2010. $32 million of that is guaranteed money.

Revis is a smart guy, maybe too smart for the Jets. He made the Jets include a no franchise tag clause in his contract. He made sure that over two thirds of his contract was guaranteed money. I guess the big question now is, why does Revis want to stay? Why not embrace leaving to a Super Bowl contender? Maybe he just likes playing in the New York Metropolitan area. Other than that I have no idea why he would want to stay.

Antonio Cromartie has become the most underrated corner in the league. Is he Revis? No, but he costs a lot less. Cromartie has "shut down" capabilities but they are usually overlooked. Then there's Rex Ryan. Rex may not be good head coach, but he is a great defensive coordinator. That pretty much goes for the entire Ryan family.

So without further delay the top five reasons the Jets should trade Revis this off-season.

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5. Too many holdouts

Hold Out
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This isn't the first time Revis has held out.

In 2010 he held out all of training camp and preseason for a new contract. Now Revis wants his third contract in six years. Don't get me wrong he's the leagues best corner and he's worth it, but the Jet's just can't afford him. Jets management has enough to worry about without Revis holding out every time he's got one year remaining.

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4. Antonio Cromartie

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Antonio Cromartie may not be Revis, but he's close.

Cromartie has missed just 1 game with the Jets in his three years on the team. This past season without Revis he played well making the Pro Bowl. It would be wiser to keep a cheaper Cromartie and trade Revis. You would still have a great corner who is never injured and you can get value.

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3. Trade Value

Herschal Walker
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Remember when the Dallas Cowboys traded Herschel Walker?

Everybody thought the Cowboys were crazy to do so and three Super Bowls later they look pretty smart. In the NBA its a superstar league. In the NFL it's more of a team league. A lot of good players beat one elite player.

The Jets would be better off in the long run with multiple draft picks and a few good players instead of just Revis.

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2. Salary Cap and Money

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The Jets began this off-season at $20 million over the salary cap.

That was the highest in the NFL, but recently the Jets have been making cuts to save space. The problem with that is you are losing talent. Bart Scott may not have been Ray Lewis, but he was the leader of the defense that brought a lot of firepower.

The Jets could have simply kept the five recently cut players, traded Revis and financially still be better with more players and draft picks ahead. The Jets have made it clear, individual over team.

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1. The defense is fine without Revis

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Here are two facts that will amaze you.

(1) The Jets had the eighth ranked overall defense last season.

(2) The Jets had the second ranked pass defense last season.

What's the point in overpaying for Revis if the defense is great without him anyway? The Jets pass defense was the second best and you want to pay Revis quarterback money? No thanks. This defense was competitive last year. Again your just throwing money out the window. Spend money on the offense, not the defense.