Avoiding Manti T’eo Shows New York Jets May Have Learned

By Nick Mamary
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Image goes a long way in professional sports. Sometimes perception can be thought of with the same importance of winning. A great example would be the 2012 New York Jets. Even before this past season was underway, New York was facing scrutiny for acquiring Tim Tebow.  Fans and members of the media quickly went after this football team by branding them a “circus.” Dysfunctional pieces and ultimately a short coming of talent (mostly on offense) led to a disappointing 6-10 record.

Former General Manager Mike Tannenbaum was mostly blamed for this, as evidenced by his firing while Rex Ryan was retained. Now John Idzik who had been helping to build a Seattle Seahawks team that likely has a bright future has been put in charge.

After last year’s failed Tebow experiment, there is another figure that is facing questions. Manti Te’o had been recognized as perhaps one of the most celebrated individuals in college football history. While playing with both intensity and dignity, Te’o helped lead the Notre Dame Fighting Irish back to prominence. This middle linebacker was regarded as not only a fierce competitor, but a gentleman as well. Dedicating victory to his deceased grandmother endeared him in the hearts of many Americans. However, the well documented girlfriend hoax has suddenly cast a black eye on his spotless reputation.

Jets executive Terry Bradway claimed that New York would likely not have any interest over concern of the incident and Teo’s struggles against the University of Alabama in the BCS National Championship. These words if true should point a positive change. The Jets have garnered reputation as attention seekers, so staying away from one of the more controversial collegiate prospects right now shows that past failures may not actually lead to future mistakes.


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