Baltimore Ravens: Ray Lewis Statue Sends a Terrible Message

By Rodney Coe
Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis
Matthew Emmons-US Presswire

The Baltimore Ravens are considering building a statue to immortalize Ray Lewis. The proponents of this think it is a good idea, and because of his great football talent, he is due this honor.

The NFL embodies character as much as it does football. It’s hard enough today to raise kids in a world gone wild. We are already sending the wrong message to our children during the games with all the barely dressed women, alcohol makes your life better and male enhancement commercials.

If the game is only about adults, then build a statue. But if not, then building a statue to immortalize Lewis is the wrong decision. This honor should be placed on a person we want our children to know, and who we want them to grow up and be just like.

Can we honestly say we want our kids to grow up and be like Ray Lewis? Does he have a track record that demonstrates the worthiness of this prestigious NFL salutation?

Much has been written about the murder trial he was in thirteen years ago, and it doesn’t need to be rehashed. But it still should be considered before this decision is made because he admitted he lied to the police, and pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.

Maybe that incident was him hanging out with the wrong people. Lewis says it was a lapse in judgment.

Ray Lewis is retiring from football to be with his son. Ray Lewis III has signed to play football with the Miami Hurricanes. For that I honestly applaud him. It is honorable for any parent to spend more time with their children. However, Lewis has six children by four different women. No matter how we were raised, do we want our children to idolize that behavior?

Character counts—At least it should. We tell our kids to watch who they hang out with. We raise our children to be men and women who can be trusted. If society has hit rock bottom, then we still want our kids to find role models who they can look to and believe in.

Some sports writers, broadcasters, and pundits say we want our daughters to marry a man like Tim Tebow, and we want our sons to grow up and be like him. They imply (and even say) that we don’t want them to play football like him.

Do we want our sons to play football like Ray Lewis but not be like him? Do we want our daughters to grow up and marry a man like Ray Lewis? Is Lewis a role model for our children, deserving of a statue for them to observe at M & T Bank Stadium? Should Lewis get a statue for his marital and parental qualities? Does he deserve a statue for lying to police, or his lapse in judgment? A statue of Joe Paterno was taken down for his lapse in judgment.

Ray Lewis credits God for the change in his life now. God does forgive. I whole-heartily believe that. But there are still repercussions for our transgressions.

The payment for his track record should be retiring his number and giving him his day to celebrate his football career. Not to immortalize him with a statue saluting his life. It sends the wrong message to our children.

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