Chief Thoughts: Alex Smith, trades and the Oscars

By Jason Drake
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Shoot. After getting my hopes up of getting another overpriced back-up QB named Matt, the Seattle Seahawks said they would not be trading Matt Flynn (or Matt Leinhart). And here I thought the Kansas City Chiefs were starting a new tradition. You know, like the tradition King Carl Peterson had of signing San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks. Oops!

One week after proclaiming  Alex Smith was not for sale, news reports had him all but signed and delivered for the Chiefs. I can’t believe they would lie like that, right to my face. Man, if you can’t trust NFL general managers, then it’s Thunder Dome!

Unless the Chefs (not a typo) get some quality O-Line help, there won’t be much Smith can do. I mean, if Brady Quinn can’t operate behind that line, then who can?

Seriously, it all starts up front with the line. When Matt Cassel had quality line play, he went to the Pro Bowl and the Chiefs won their division. So maybe the first pick in the draft should be be a lineman, but what the blue hell do I know?

Speaking of the Oscars, anyone notice all the people who’ve had plastic surgery and now have that VERY attractive Joker face (in my opinion)? It’s kind like the dudes in the 1970s who wore those really bad toupees that were three shades off the color of their hair. If everyone can tell you are faking it, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

Barbara Streisand is 110 years old, but didn’t have a wrinkle on her face and everyone in the media said how good she looked. Hey, since when do NFL general managers cover the Oscars?


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