Cleveland Browns Should Pass On Matt Flynn

By Devin O'Barr
Matt Flynn running
Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

When Matt Flynn signed with the Seattle Seahawks last year, the Cleveland Browns showed interest, but they must avoid Flynn as he hits the NFL trade market this offseason.

First and foremost, the Browns owe it to themselves to see what Brandon Weeden will do in his sophomore season. Weeden didn’t impress many people in his rookie season throwing 17 interceptions opposed to just 14 touchdowns and finished the year with a Quarterback rating of 72.6. Believe it or not Weeden will turn 30-years old this October, however he still has just 517 passing attempts under his belt so give him time.

For those of you shouting for Weeden to hit the door, think about how far back this would push the Browns organization. Releasing the QB would only show impatience and signing Flynn would be an absolute disaster.

The only way I would jump ship on Weeden was if they were able to trade for a franchise quarterback like the Chicago Bears did for Jay Cutler in 2009. Trades are uncommon in the NFL, especially when quarterbacks are involved. Weeden had an awful receiving core to throw to in 2012, but he made Josh Gordon into a formidable target at just 21-years-old as he caught 50 passes for 805 yards.

Instead of thinking about ways to replace Weeden the Browns should focus on surrounding him with more talent than just Trent Richardson.

This offseason, Cleveland gave Rob Chudzinski a five year deal to coach the team, but giving up on Weeden after just one season isn’t the type of publicity that the Browns want.

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