Robert Griffin III Will be Better Off After Knee Injury

By Andrew Fisher
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III suffered the most controversial injury of the 2012-13 NFL season. The star rookie partially tore two ligaments in his right knee during the Washington Redskins first round playoff loss this past January. Of course, a firestorm of criticism followed, and many were beside themselves over Mike Shanahan allowing RG3 to stay in the game after he was clearly hurt.

Well, we can’t change any of that now. RG3 is already on the road to recovery and targeting a week one return next season. In reality, it doesn’t look like he will miss extended time, and it appears the Redskins have dodged a bullet.

When you look at the impact of the injury on Griffin, the main thing that comes to mind is mobility. Will he still have the same explosiveness after a second ACL surgery? To me, answer is – who cares?

I’m not going to go as far to say that this injury is a blessing in disguise, but ultimately it will extend RG3’s career by making him focus on being a pocket passer. Griffin already has shown the ability to be able to stand in there with the best of them, and having him be a little less mobile is not a bad thing.

One thing is for sure – if RG3 keeps playing the way he did his rookie season, he will have a short career. Griffin took some serious shots last year after picking up yardage on the ground, and while he’s tough enough to withstand the hits, eventually they will catch up to him. He needs to continue to focus on being a pass-first NFL quarterback, and only use his legs when it’s necessary.

If you’re a Redskins fan, this has to be the positive way to look at RG3’s injury. Things looked very bleak for awhile, but everyone involved is getting a second chance. You can bet if there’s even a slight indication of an injury in the future, that the team will make the right decision with their franchise player. At the same time, RG3 has to know his limits, and continue to learn to make the smart play instead of risking his body.


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