St. Louis Rams Would Be Smart To Allow Danny Amendola To Test Free Agency

By Ben Grimaldi
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

While there is no question that St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola is very good player, the team would be doing the right thing if they allowed him to test the free agent waters. The receiver out of Texas Tech appears to be too frail to take the punishment of the NFL for entire season.

Amendola has only played one full season in his four year career and he’s never topped 700 receiving yards or scored more than three touchdowns. There’s no denying his ability but Amendola hasn’t been able to stay healthy enough to make the kind of money good receivers get. As good as he’s been, his injuries have made him too unreliable to take a chance on paying big money.

The Rams also have a stable of other young receivers who have put up the same kind of numbers that Amendola has. Rookie Chris Givens had a productive year, Brandon Gibson is a receiver who’s coming into his own and they also drafted Brian Quick who the team likes, so keeping Amendola may not be a priority for the Rams. They have other issues to work out before they spend money on a receiver who has trouble staying healthy.

I don’t know how much Amendola is expecting to make in free agency but the Rams are doing the right thing by allowing him to find out. Amendola is one of the better slot receivers in the game and while that adds to his value, it also leaves him vulnerable to take more hits and his body hasn’t been able to take the punishment.

Danny Amendola is a really good receiver who’s about to find out what he’s worth and it appears the Rams don’t mind letting it happen.

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