The Green Bay Packers' Jermichael Finley Starts More Drama

By AJEnno
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It has happened again. The Green Bay Packers‘ drama-loving tight end Jermichael Finley opened his mouth and put himself in a bad light.

Rumors have swirled throughout the off-season that the Packers would part ways with Finley due to his lack of production and his knack for putting his foot in his mouth. During the NFL Combine press conferences last week, coach Mike McCarthy praised Finley for stepping up his play during the second half of the season. Suddenly, there was hope that the Packers would keep him around to finish out the last year of his contract.

There were also rumors that in order to keep Finley, the Packers could ask him to take a pay cut or restructure his contract. Apparently, every rumor Finley hears about himself is true–or at least that’s what he thinks. In an interview with ESPN on Friday, he had this to say about the situation:

“I haven’t got a call. I haven’t got a text asking me to take a pay cut or to restructure my deal at this point — not at all,I’d have to walk for sure, meaning I couldn’t take a pay cut.”

To me, this sums Finley up as the player Packer fans have come to know. He jumps the gun during any tough situation and there always seems to be a microphone around when he does. So the Packers haven’t called him or reached out for a restructure? Okay, maybe that means the Packers don’t want to restructure and he will be able to play out his deal. No news is good news, but apparently he doesn’t realize this. He really had no reason to go off in this interview about the topic when he actually has no idea what’s going on anyway.

After Finley’s comments, it’s almost a sure thing that the Packers will cut him now. There’s no reason to keep the guy around after he made his lack of loyalty to the organization known. The Packers have done nothing but given the man countless chances and he wouldn’t take less money. He has given the organization less than he should, so what’s the problem with the Packers wanting to give him less?

It’s time for Finley to go if he’s not going to loyal to this organization. Finley has gotten to the point where he isn’t a “Packer person” anymore. It would be less of a headache to just let him go to the Chicago Bears and tear apart their locker room.

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