The Indianapolis Colts Will Regress in 2013

By Cameron Adamczyk
Kirby Lee-US Presswire

The Indianapolis Colts are coming off a miraculous season. This team went from the worst team in the league in 2011 to a playoff team in 2012, finishing with an 11-5 record. Their season could very well be described as magical, as they rallied around Chuck Pagano and the “ChuckStrong” campaign. However, if you’re an Indianapolis Colts fan, you should expect a downgrade from such a good season.

The Colts lost their interim coach who filled in while Chuck Pagano was battling cancer, Bruce Arians, this off-season. Arians is a great mind in the NFL who led the Colts to the playoffs. He also took home the honor of Coach of the Year. Losing a guy like Arians will never help your team.

Another reason to expect a slight fall is that they don’t have the magic to rally around. Something like ChuckStrong is a two or three game changer. If they hadn’t had such an emotional event to come together with, who knows if they would have had that fire. The stadium, the team, and the coaches all had an extra edge because of this magic.

This team is very comparable to the Detroit Lions. The Lions made the playoffs after previous years of poor play. Once they did, the hype grew for one of the youngest and most talented teams in the league. The next season they found themselves out of the playoffs and looking like a mediocre team. The Colts are more mature, but they are built in a similar way. They rely on the passing game with a mediocre running game and a poor defense.

I don’t think the Colts will end up like the Lions, but don’t be surprised if you find this rebuilding franchise out of the playoffs next season. What is good news for the Colts is they have Andrew Luck. Owning Andrew Luck is always a good thing.


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