Trading Darrelle Revis Would Devastate New York Jets Next Season

By Nick Mamary
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Anytime a franchise comes off of a bad season, there needs to be an evaluation as far as that the future of this organization. So far this offseason the New York Jets have made necessary adjustment in leadership positions by replacing former General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano. The recent cuts of Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, Jason Smith, and Eric Smith were also needed in an attempt to get under the salary cap.

While the Jets obviously have a long way to go to regain playoff form, these are steps in the right direction. However, all positive momentum could soon be wiped away. Various reports suggest that a movement led by new General Manager  John Idzik began at the NFL combine to gauge interest in All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis . While there will be an attempt at spinning this move in a positive light, one fact should trump all of these beliefs.

Since when does it make sense for a 6-10 football team to trade their best player?

New York most likely would ask for at least a first round pick. A deal for first and third round picks could sound enticing. This is a rebuilding team that could use extra opportunities to select talent. The problem with this theory is simple. Revis is a proven commodity. His ability to nullify an opponent’s best receiver has almost become a cliché. Defenders of moving Revis may point to the holdouts and borderline extreme contract demands as a reason to unload him. Acquiring rights for two more college athletes could help accelerate a rebuilding process. Jets head coach Rex Ryan may not have time to start over without a man who when healthy is among the NFL’s best defensive players. Another losing season could result in a new head coach.

Antonio Cromartie stepped into the number one position on the depth chart and also had opponents avoiding him. Cromartie is tall and possesses long limbs. He does, however, tend to get burned by faster receivers. Kyle Wilson has played well in situations, but at times looks undisciplined. Neither would replace Revis. A passionate Jets fan base would explode if Revis is gone.

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