Andrew Luck is the Best Franchise Player in the NFL

By Cameron Adamczyk
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

When we look back on the 2012 NFL season, we will remember a few things. The first is Adrian Peterson’s miraculous comeback. Another would be the Baltimore Ravens’ improbable Super Bowl victory. The one that may stick out the most is the fantastic rookie quarterback class.

You saw Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson implement a new dimension into the game. You saw Andrew Luck lead his team into the playoffs almost single-handedly. You saw everyone debating on who is the best out of the three of these rookies. Not only am I going to settle this, I am going to make a statement for the entire world to hear.

Not only is Andrew Luck the guy I would choose out of the three rookies, he would be my first choice in building a franchise. That’s right. I wouldn’t rather have anyone to build my franchise around other than Andrew Luck.

Andrew Luck is young, athletic, smart, has a great arm, and he already has playoff experience. Look at it this way. The Indianapolis Colts chose Andrew Luck over the hall of famer Peyton Manning. While he is younger, I am not sure if they would have done that with Russell Wilson or Robert Griffin III.

A lot of other people may choose Aaron Rodgers over Luck. While Rodgers is my second choice, he isn’t a better choice than Luck. Rodgers’ has a lot more miles on him than Luck. Rodgers has been sacked 211 times in his career. You have to think that all those hits are taking a toll on his body. Rodgers has been counted on year after year to produce an entire team’s offense. I think Luck will have to also, but his mileage is like a brand new car compared to Aaron Rodgers.

The play style of Luck also makes him a much better choice than his competition. Unlike RGIII, Luck isn’t putting himself in danger on almost every down. You aren’t going to see Luck scramble out of the pocket and put himself in front of 300 pound men. The way he sits in the pocket and reads the field is safer and possibly more effective. What makes him so great is he has Aaron Rodgers-like ability to escape pressure and throw on the run.

For all of you Colts fans, you have hit a gold mine in Andrew Luck.


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