Chicago Bears: Offense Must Get to Level of Defense

By Andrew Fisher
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

When you think Chicago Bears football, you think defense. This has been the calling card of the Bears for years, and years. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but in today’s NFL, an elite offense is equally important to winning a championship.

We’ve seen the Bears come close. In 2006, the Rex Grossman-led Bears made it all the way to the Super Bowl before the Peyton Manning-led Indianapolis Colts were just too much. That was as close as Chicago got in the Lovie Smith era. The Smith era is now of course a thing of the past, and the franchise has moved on to the offensive minded Marc Trestman.

I’m sure many Bears’ fans thought, it’s about time. The hire of Trestman was direct and to the point – Chicago has to be better offensively.

After years of lacking a true No. 1 on the outside, Brandon Marshall has become one of the league’s best receivers with Jay Cutler tossing him the pigskin. An elite dual-threat running back in Matt Forte lies in backfield, and when healthy, he’s a difference-maker for the Bears. Point being, there is talent for Trestman to work with.

However, outside of those play-makers, Culter doesn’t have many weapons. Chicago drafted the talented Alshon Jeffery last season, but his rookie year was full of injuries and he seems to be a work in progress.

Tight end is also an area where the Bears could stand to improve, so it will be interesting to see what acquisitions the team makes via free agency and the draft, because it’s clear they need to add some talented pass-catchers.

I’m willing to bet though, even with the exact same roster, that Trestman would improve the Bears’ offense. Just with the increased knowledge and focus he will bring, the unit is bound to improve.

That has to be the ultimate goal in Chicago – get the offense to the level of their defense. Trestman is the right man for the job, and now fans just have to hope the defense can maintain its status for a few more years.


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