Devin Hester Should Retire from the Chicago Bears

By Carrie Williams
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I get it. Devin Hester is a god among men, holding the record for kick/punt returns with 17 of these gems in his NFL career. But in his last few years with the Chicago Bears, what has Hester really done that’s so outstanding?

How many times have you found yourself shouting, “run forward, you idiot!” at the television when Hester caught a kick/punt? Maybe that’s just me, but you have to admit, it’s rare to see the man perform the way he did back in ’06-’07.

And then there was his reaction to the firing of everyone’s favorite loveable loser, ex-coach Lovie Smith. Hester was so beside himself, he was quoted saying, “I don’t even know if I want to play again.” According to Hester, the decision has been weighing on his mind for the last two years, and he’s had “a lot of stress” on his mind.

Well, Hester, it must be stressful when you don’t know which direction to run in anymore. It must be stressful when your boss is ousted and some guy who spent the last five yeas in Canada is taking over. I mean, do Canadians (who aren’t really Canadians) even play football?

At 30-years old, with one year left on his contract, Hester should probably just call it a day. Sure, he went to the Pro Bowl in 2011, but he didn’t even score a single return touchdown last year. Plus, when you’re not busy not returning kickoffs, it’s kind of hard to share the spotlight with someone like Brandon Marshall as the No. 1 wide receiver. Plus, it’s kind of hard to be a solid target when your quarterback, Jay Cutler, is often sacked to oblivion.

It’s time for No. 23 to be raised to the non-existent rafters. Then again, Hester’s no Michael Jordan.

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