Green Bay Packers Year in Review: Tramon Williams

By Kevin Van Pelt
Thomas Campbell- US PRESSWIRE

After having 31 interceptions as a team in 2011, the Green Bay Packers interception total dropped to 18 in 2012. A big reason for this was the lack of production from starting cornerback Tramon Williams. This was Williams sixth year in the league, and his fifth year as a starter for the Packers.

Prior to this season, Williams lowest total of interceptions as a starter was four, while his career high was six. Although he played in every game this season, Williams only managed to get two interceptions. This was a major disappointment since the Green Bay defense thrives on turnovers. They are a defense that will give up a lot of yards and give up the big plays, but they make up for it by creating turnovers with their playmakers.

Williams was the No. 1 corner for the Packers heading into this season. His aggressive style of bump and run coverage is something that defensive coordinator Dom Capers loves to see, especially going up against wide receivers such as Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall twice a year.

However, his production was not what the team expected it to be, and he didn’t create the turnovers that he was expected to make, and also gave up big gains throughout the season.

Although he finished in the top 10 with pass deflections with 16, this was a down year for Williams. He is expected to be the shutdown corner for the Packers for the future, but if he has another down season like he did in 2012, the Packers might have to look for a new role for him on the team.

Williams has two years left on his contract which gives him plenty of time to prove his worth with the team, but with how much the Packers defense struggles, they need him to have big playmaking years in the future.


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