New York Jets: Mark Sanchez Not a Real Pro?

By Rodney Coe
New York Jets Mark Sanchez
Don McPeak-US Presswire

Mark Sanchez has been put in a terrible situation as a New York Jets QB. How can anyone in the NFL expect to run an offense with a popular backup? It’s just not possible.

That was what we heard at the end of last year. Poor Mark. He was put in a no-win scenario. It was the kobayashi maru for all us Star Trek fans. Impossible to win, the test was designed to see how a leader would behave while facing death itself.

However, let’s rewind. When Tim Tebow was brought to the Jets, we were all told by those same football pundits that this would be good for Sanchez. Push him a little. After all, these boys have had competition for their positions since they were playing Pop-Warner for their rec leagues.

Sanchez flopped. Or should I say threw 13 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. He had a 54.3% completion percentage. Not his lowest, by the way (2009 was 53.8%). Sanchez committed 14 fumbles with eight of them lost, including the infamous “Butt fumble.” That was returned for a touchdown.

A real pro picks himself up, and fights to win. Failure is never final. Can Sanchez be a real pro? That’s the question. It’s not about Tim Tebow, or Greg Mcelroy, now David Garrard, or even Matt Barkley. The QB dilemma is the Sanchez enigma.

Mark Sanchez has to figure out who he is, and be a leader. Talent takes you so far, but QBs are leaders. By the way, that’s how Tebow won with the Denver Broncos. That’s why fans see something in Tim, but can’t find what they are looking for in Sanchez.

If the Jets bring in more QBs, I wonder this year is that good or bad? If Sanchez is a real pro, he’ll push himself, and lead his team.

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