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New York Jets: Tim Tebow Would Never Say This

New York Jets Tim Tebow

Joe Nicholson-US Presswire

New York Jets QB Tim Tebow is in another controversy—this time with the faithful. NFL backup QBs don’t usually find themselves in so many hullabaloos, but Tebow is not your average backup QB.

The trouble came when Tebow canceled an appearance to be one of the speakers to dedicate the $130 million First Baptist Church Dallas building, which put him at odds with its outspoken pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress.

Major media started on Tebow a few weeks ago. Dr. Jeffress has been very vocal about social issues and has said some things that are controversial. Media outlets attacked Tebow for going and being associated with that pastor, so he had to withdraw. He didn’t need another storm in his life.

He needs to focus on his faith and his football. Football has been his life. You might say it’s his calling. With broadcasters smugly saying any day now the Jets will cut him, we can only imagine how he feels.

After a discouraging year in NY, where will he go? Maybe he could play in Canada? Tebow is just not a pro quarterback. He just is not accurate. He is not a drop back passer. Think about all the questions, comments, and even hateful things have been hurled his way.

Some act like his almost storybook time with the Denver Broncos should just be ignored, just like the lack of respect he received from John Elway.

Even after the downward spiral of Mark Sanchez with the Jets, Tebow found himself watching games instead of playing, prompting more comments about his lack of ability.

We have to ask: Why is he so hated? Why is he ridiculed to the point of questioning his prayer on the sidelines? Is that him showing off? Of course Tebow would never say any of this. It is almost as if no one will say it for him either.

With all the scrutiny he receives from others and now pressure from some of the faithful, it’s difficult for him to stay focused at all. He certainly doesn’t need or deserve to be criticized by Dr. Jeffress for withdrawing.

Tebow will never respond to the public controversy or disrespect Dr. Jeffress. That’s what makes Tebow, well, Tebow.