Who will the Arizona Cardinals Target at Quarterback?

By Andrew Fisher
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It’s crazy how one off-season trade can impact the direction of a franchise. Many thought that the Arizona Cardinals would be a great team for Alex Smith. Now, with Smith all but traded to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cardinals will have to look elsewhere.

The reality of this off-season’s free agent quarterbacks – there aren’t any gems. Also, most think this will be the case with the NFL Draft. On paper, it doesn’t look like there are any franchise quarterbacks available, but of course we all know a few will emerge.

So who should the Cardinals target in their search for an answer at QB? The answer is not on their current roster, that’s for sure, so what’s the best place to look – free agency or the draft?

The answer is – both. If for financial reasons, the Cardinals get stuck with Kevin Kolb, he needs to be the third-string QB. Kolb will not lead Arizona anywhere near the postseason, and it’s time to move him to the back of the line.

If the Cardinals look to free agency, I believe Matt Moore would be their best option. Moore has experience as a starter, and didn’t play bad in Miami, he was just benched in favor of a first round pick. Moore is easily a better option than anyone on the Arizona roster right now.

As for the draft, the Cardinals sit at the No. 7 position, and Geno Smith figures to be available. Some might call it a stretch to draft the speedy Smith at seven, but again, he’d be an upgrade for this Cardinals team. It’s the donning of a new era for NFL quarterbacks, and Smith seems to have the skill set also displayed by last year’s standout rookies.

It will be interesting to see how Arizona prioritizes improving their quarterback situation this off-season, but the way I see it, the top two available upgrades would be with Moore and/or Smith.


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