Indianapolis Colts' Free Agent Targets

By Cameron Adamczyk
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts are one of the many franchises that are rebuilding. After a decade of success with Peyton Manning, they are aiming for another decade of success with Andrew Luck.

In the 2012 season, the Colts blew by many people’s standards by winning 11 games. Almost everyone was shocked by the way they came together. It was also very evident that they had holes to fill. We saw the biggest holes in the defensive and the offensive lines. This offseason, the Colts have a lot of money to spend. They have $46 million to use however they want.

With so much money to spend, the Colts need to be an aggressive team in free agency. If they want to maintain their success, being a winner this offseason is critical. For the Colts to be a winner, they will need to go after some of the biggest names looking for a contract.

A name that makes a lot of sense is Jake Long. The left tackle out of Michigan’s rookie contract is expiring. He is going to ask for big money and rightfully so. What the Colts should do is pay him the money. A guy like Long extends Andrew Luck’s career because he won’t be getting hit from his blindside. He will be a leader on the offensive line. The Colts are looking to build a young offensive line, and he can help teach these young offensive linemen how to be successful in the NFL.

The Colts need a better running back. While Vick Ballard has potential to be a good back, he needs a veteran to come in and help him. A potential fit would be a guy like Steven Jackson. He, unlike Michael Turner, has some good years left in him. If there was anyone who could teach some younger guys a thing or two, it would be Jackson.

The other position I would try and fill in free agency would be nose tackle. The Colts had trouble stopping the run in 2012, finishing 29th in the league. They need to get a run stopping nose tackle like Henry Melton. Melton is another top free agent, and he is a guy that will make an immediate impact on defense.

The other positions of need like backup quarterback or their secondary should be addressed during the draft. This season, the draft holds an ample amount of secondary talent and plenty of backup quarterback candidates. Both of those positions aren’t the biggest problems either.

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