Jerry Jones Doesn't Want Another 8-8 Season

By Jesus Flores
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has all, but said that .500 will not be accepted in 2013.

During multiple interviews Jones has made it pretty obvious; Jason Garrett must win to retain his job as the head coach.  That is understandable as I’ve never heard of an owner who wants his head coach to lose games, but has Jones given Garrett the time and talent needed to build a team that can compete for championships?

In my opinion, Jones hasn’t.

At this point in time the Cowboys should have had the players from the 2007-2009 drafts in their prime and ready to contribute, but they don’t.  That falls directly on Jones’ shoulders. He is the team’s general manager.  He is the one putting the team together.  He is the one who is ultimately driving this team into the ground.

I mean, what general manager has a special teams draft or avoids drafting high-caliber offensive linemen because his quarterback is mobile?

Since Garret took over the team, there is no doubt in my mind that the team is headed in the right direction as far as talent and the evaluation of said talent goes.  Garrett’s drafts prove it.

What Garrett needs more than anything right now is time and patience, but Jones apparently cannot offer either.

It goes without say that the Cowboys will need to hit on most of, if not every one of, their draft picks in the 2013 NFL Draft, but for that to happen Jones has to get out of the way and let his coach and scouts do their jobs.

It’s a process.  One, which over 17 years, Jones has proven he knows nothing about.

Jesus Flores is a Dallas Cowboys writer for  Follow him on Twitter @SSgtFlo1

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