Lauren Silberman’s Combine Workout Turns Out to be a Sham

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you though the NFL Combine process was all over, here come the Regional Combines, held in select cities to determine the best NFL prospects who weren’t invited to the big-time Combine held in Indianapolis last week. This year was a first for the Regional Combine, a female named Lauren Silberman was trying out as a kicker.

This wasn’t an unexpected development and it was well known that Silberman was going to be there, why else would more than two dozen media outlets cover the event? Among those there to watch the try out was E! Entertainment network was one of the ‘media’ outlets in attendance and they all saw the former club soccer player go through two kicks before stopping her tryout due to injury.

According to the New York Post, her tryout consisted of two kickoffs, one went 19-yards and the other went 13-yards before she ended the try out.

Of course, the try out wasn’t the only reason Silberman was working out today because as I wrote just 11 days ago, the true meaning of her try out was to gain attention. Here’s what I wrote about her situation a few weeks ago:

If there’s any doubt about that now, don’t take my word for it, there were plenty of other people who share the same opinion. Dan Hanzus of used the same word I did a few weeks ago, a “sham”, and ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio called it a publicity stunt, which is exactly what it was. After the try out, Silberman was surrounded by over 30 reporters and since when has someone who has preformed so poorly been so in demand?

This isn’t to judge any other females who want to try out for the NFL but Silberman had no business being at the Combine. She had no real football training or experience heading in, so no one should be surprised at the results today.

However, the fact that we’re talking about Lauren Silberman right now means she accomplished what she out to achieve the most, attention. So stay tuned everyone, the talk show circuit and a book deal will likely be coming soon about her “experience.”

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