2013 NFL Draft: Should the Arizona Cardinals Consider Geno Smith?

By Dan Parzych
(Rich Barnes/USA Today Sports)

If the last few seasons are any indication, it’s clear the Arizona Cardinals are in desperate need of help at the quarterback position considering the Kevin Kolb experiment has turned into nothing but a bust. With the 2013 NFL Draft quickly approaching, there’s one quarterback they may want to consider selecting in the first round–Geno Smith of West Virginia.

In the first half of the 2012 college football season, Smith was in strong consideration for winning the Heisman and he’s been impressive for scouts over the last couple of weeks. Not only has he proven to be effective with throwing the ball, but Smith has proven to perform damage on the ground as well.

When looking at Arizona’s situation at quarterback–Smith would certainly be worth the risk to possibly build the franchise around.

Kolb has been nothing but a bust for the Cardinals over the last two seasons and despite all of the money invested in the quarterback, the team’s best interest may be to just part ways with him now instead of later. The fact that Kolb has struggled to stay healthy over the last two seasons is enough reason alone to be concerned about his future heading into 2013 and at this point–Arizona needs to just realize their poor investment and simply cut their losses with the quarterback.

The potential is certainly there for Smith when it comes to being one of the top quarterbacks from this year’s draft class–so let’s hope the Cardinals at least consider bringing him on board once April rolls around.

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