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5 Defensive Ends Dallas Cowboys Should Draft

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5 Defensive Ends Dallas Cowboys Should Draft

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The NFL Combine has ended and the thing we look into before the actual draft is Pro Days. These are actually more scripted workouts, so there’s no reason for an athlete to have a poor pro Day. So as we are inching closer to the NFL Draft, it’s time to look at the positions and prospects the Dallas Cowboys should be paying the most attention to. We all know the Cowboys main needs on their current roster are the offensive line, the defensive line and secondary. Those aren’t there only needs but they are the main one’s so here we’ll take a look at who the Cowboys should pick at each position.

Some players stood out at the Combine and others did not so in the next two months the list could change a lot but for the most part, these are the players the Cowboys should be looking at, not only in the first round but throughout the draft. Obviously most of them won’t be there for the Cowboys to take since, ya know, there are 31 other teams vying for their services but these players should be on the Cowboys radar moving forward in the draft process. Some of the names are obvious choices and some you may have never heard but these are the players they must seriously consider drafting.

I’ll be doing this series for the next few days and looking at specific positions and today I’ll be looking at the defensive end position. The Cowboys have a big need for improved play on their defense and these 5 players would help upgrade the Cowboys defensive end spot.

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5. Devin Taylor-South Carolina

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Taylor has good size and speed and should be available in the middle to late rounds. His height, 6-7, and arm length, 36 inches, make him and intriguing prospect. He needs to add bulk but would be a great fit.

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4. Margus Hunt-SMU

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I like Hunt’s potential but he has only played football for a few years and he still has a lot to learn. Hunt has freaky athleticism and I’m fine with taking the project in the third round, but he’s been going much higher in draft projections. Love the potential, just not in first two rounds.

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3. Sam Montgomery-LSU

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I love Montgomery’s potential in this draft. I’ll take his potential over Damontre Moore’s. He’s got the athletic ability and athleticism to make a difference but he’s also underweight, although his frame can hold more weight. If he’s there in the second round, Cowboys should be doing backflips to take him. He’s projected to go higher but players slip all the time.

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2. Ezekiel Ansah-BYU

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Ansah has the athleticism to be a star but he’s also very raw. He’s also got the size and strength but is short on experience. He’s a bit of a project too but he might be worth risking if you truly believe in his talent. I’d look other places before Ansah but his ceiling is very high.

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1. Bjoern Werner-Florida St.

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The best pure defensive end in the draft because he’s got the skills, athleticism and experience, which not everyone at the position can say. I love Werner’s toughness and effort as well and the Cowboys should seriously consider him at pick 18.