Cleveland Browns Rumors: Team Done With Colt McCoy, Pursuing Backup QB

By Andrew Fisher
Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

As if the Cleveland Browns taking Brandon Weeden in the first round of last year’s draft wasn’t a clue that Colt McCoy‘s days as Brown were numbered, it’s now believed the former college star will be released.

Cleveland is expected to part ways with McCoy in the near future, as they apparently don’t believe he’s the answer for their team, even as a backup. Ouch.

This really isn’t shocking in the least, but certainly a harsh reality check for McCoy who had to think he was going to be an NFL starter for a long time coming out of college.

Weeden is clearly the man for the Browns at QB, but who should they bring in as his backup?

The two most popular names being thrown around are Matt Moore and Matt Cassel. This is also not surprising, because any team with a need a quarterback should definitely be considering Moore – and Cassel isn’t a horrible secondary option. Both would fill the backup QB role very nicely, but Moore would have to be the first choice.

With Moore though, it’s believed he will want to play for a team that gives him a chance to start. This won’t be the case in Cleveland, so I’d be surprised if he would have mutual interest in the Browns.

As for Cassel, he should be glad to just find work anywhere in 2013, but you’d have to think he’d like to be in a similar position as Moore, competing for a starting job.

So it’s only natural for the Browns’ QB list to start with Moore and Cassel, but I doubt either one will land in Cleveland. Still, this shouldn’t change McCoy’s future, as his days are likely numbered as the backup for Weeden.


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