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Green Bay Packers Won’t Use Tag on Greg Jennings; Still Many Decisions to Make


With the news that the Green Bay Packers will not use their franchise tag on wide receiver Greg Jennings, the off-season picture is beginning to get a bit clearer for the Pack, kind of.

The franchise is obviously going through a bit of re-tooling with the release of cornerback Charles Woodson, and the potential release of tight end JerMichael Finley. Jennings technically could be re-signed, but it just seems very unlikely at this point. All of this adds up to changes in Green Bay, regarding some of the team’s most notable positions and players.

Packers’ fans shouldn’t view this as a bad thing, though. Losing Woodson does hurt on some levels, but he’s clearly a guy with only a few years left in him. Moving on to younger corners is the best long-term move for the team.

Finley on the other hand, is just a conundrum. He’s still young and talented, but often has trouble keeping his mouth shut, and many wonder about his commitment level to the team. He’s said he won’t take a pay cut to play in 2013, so releasing him could again be the best long-term option.

In regards to Jennings, it just seems like it’s time for him to move on from Green Bay, and vice versa. I don’t think his heart is in it for the Pack any longer, and you just get the feeling he’s ready to start a new chapter in his career by the way he’s talked about free agency.

Green Bay’s decision to not tag Jennings was the right move, because if his heart is indeed no longer with the team, it would just further complicate things and potentially lead to a wasted season for both parties.

Fans shouldn’t worry though, the Packers will still have a very good team in place, even if all three of the aforementioned players don’t suit up at Lambeau next season.


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