Is Randy Moss' Career Over?

By Travis Chan
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After a disastrous 2010 season, the five-time All-Pro wideout hung up his cleats for the following season to take some time off. But this upcoming year, Randy Moss’ time in the NFL could be over for good.

Posting just 28 receptions for 434 yards and three touchdowns for the San Francisco 49ers, Moss barely made much of an impact on the field. In the Super Bowl, he was held to just two catches for 41 yards. Prior to the big game, he even voiced his displeasure about playing in a backup role.

However, as a mentor and veteran, many teammates viewed him as a positive influence. Working behind the scenes, he lent a helping hand in developing the play of Michael Crabtree and Colin Kaepernick.

Despite his contributions, Moss acknowledged that his time as a 49er was essentially over as he thanked and wished the organization well through Twitter. So what’s left for the future Hall of Fame receiver?

At 36 years old, Moss wants to play for a contender in 2013. But with his age, attitude and style of play, it’s hard to imagine him latching on to a Super Bowl-caliber team. Most of those organizations already have established, clear-cut receiving options. The Atlanta Falcons are set with Roddy White and Julio Jones, the Denver Broncos have their young pair of wideouts and the New England Patriots probably don’t want to bring him back for a second go-around.

Since he does not contribute on special teams and is unwilling to play on a limited snap count, it’s hard to find a suitable landing spot for him. Teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears and Houston Texans could use depth at receiver, but with their offense built more towards the ground game, they don’t need Moss specifically.

Given his baggage and decline in production, football fans have likely seen the mercurial wideout lace up his cleats for the final time. Moss put on a show for 14 years with his bold statements and highlight-reel ability, but at some point, all good things must come to an end.

His next stop: Canton.

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