Kansas City Chiefs Make Right Call With Giving Dwayne Bowe a Five-Year Deal

By Dan Parzych
(John Rieger/USA Today Sports)

One of the biggest questions from this 2013 offseason has been the Kansas City Chiefs and what they would end up doing with wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. Throughout his career, Bowe has proven to be one of the most effective wide receivers at times and while the chances of the wideout receiving the franchise tag seemed high, it appears that will no longer be the case.

Bowe and the Chiefs agreed to a five-year deal on Monday–which has to make Alex Smith feel good about his situation considering he will join Kansas City for the 2013 season following a trade from the San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs may have finished with the worst record in 2012, but expectations are high heading into next season with all of the changes made to the roster and coaching staff.

Plus, having the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft will certainly help their cause as well.

With Matt Cassel most likely on his way out, Bowe should be excited for what the next couple of years have in store for him now that Smith on board considering the quarterback ranked near the top of the NFL in numerous categories before he was replaced by Colin Kaepernick. Kansas City knew the last thing they wanted to see happen was Bowe end up being unhappy and end up playing elsewhere for the 2013 season–so it’s a positive sign to see this deal happen now instead of negotiating over the next couple of weeks.

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