Matt Flynn Should Remain With Seattle Seahawks

By Bob Kaupang
Matt Flynn Seattle Seahawks
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There are some fans of the Seattle Seahawks who would like to see the team trade back-up quarterback Matt Flynn for a third-round draft pick. They argue the team would be getting “value” for their second-string signal caller, while not having to pay his $5.25 million salary in 2013 with $2 million guaranteed.

I can see the argument for trading Flynn.  However, there is a better argument for keeping him and that includes having a high quality insurance policy for the most important position in professional sports, especially when starting quarterback, Russell Wilson, is one of the lowest paid in the NFL.

Even with the salary of Flynn factored into the equation, the Seahawks will be spending less money on that position than many teams in the league.

If a significant injury were to happen to Wilson, the chance of the Seahawks getting to the Super Bowl would realistically end if they had a poor back-up plan. Great teams can overcome some key injuries to win a championship, but not many teams can overcome a key injury to their field general and still realistically think they can win it all.

The Seahawks are currently one of those rare teams.

If the Seahawks did sign a high quality back-up, this player will not work for free. Some of the millions saved by trading Flynn would turn into millions spent to secure quality depth, and there are doubts whoever they signed to replace the former Green Bay Packer would actually be as good either. In addition, this replacement would not already have a year in the offensive system with continuity with respect to team personnel either.

Great teams build through the draft and the more picks you have increases the odds of acquiring good, young talent. With that being said, just how important is a third round pick versus Flynn?

Seahawks GM John Schneider worked for the Packers from 2002-2009, and they selected the following players in the third round of the draft during that span: Marques Anderson, Kenny Peterson, Joey Thomas, Donnell Washington, B.J. Sander, Abdul Hodge, Jason Spitz, James Jones, Aaron Rouse, and Jermichael Finley.

There are a couple of good players in that group but overall, it is less than impressive. Schneider had pull during those years, but one can argue that he may have made better choices, too.

With Schneider as GM of the Seahawks, the organization definitely struck gold last year with Wilson, but they also traded a third round pick to help secure Charlie Whitehurst in 2010, and selected Tom Cable doghouse favorite John Moffitt in 2011.

The Seahawks have had great mid-round picks by drafting Kam Chancellor, K. J. Wright, and Richard Sherman to name a few, but they have also selected fourth-round duds in Kris Durham and E. J. Wilson. There is no guarantee the third-round pick would make it worthwhile to trade Flynn.

I realize the importance of adding draft picks, but do not agree with selling out a high quality back-up quarterback for a pick in the third-round on a team that can realistically hope to play in the Super Bowl next February.

Matt Flynn needs to remain a Seahawk if they cannot get anything better than a third-round pick in exchange for his services. This upcoming season with a loaded roster of up-and-coming young talent is too important to chance on having a sub-par back-up.

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