New York Giants Should Keep Justin Tuck

By Andrew Lecointe
Brad Penner — US Presswire

The New York Giants were forced to make cuts they didn’t necessarily want to make in order to get below the salary cap. Popular and hard-working RB Ahmad Bradshaw was among those cuts, and both sides maintain the idea that Bradshaw can still be back in a Big Blue uniform. However, DE Justin Tuck remains with the Giants, and it’s unlikely the Giants will cut him.

It is possible for the Giants to ask Tuck to take a paycut. The Giants have several players they would like to re-sign now and in the future. However, some fans have been disappointed with Tuck’s performance the past two seasons, and some believe the Giants should cut him. It appears the Giants will go after a pass-rusher at some point in the 2013 NFL Draft to keep that unit strong.

A unit that was very productive in their Super Bowl winning 2011 season, the top pass-rusher on the team this past season was DE Jason Pierre-Paul, and he only had 6.5 sacks. The Giants are already prepared to let DE Osi Umenyiora go to another team, so losing Tuck would be a double-whammy. Umenyiora’s production dipped off this past season as well, and he continues to demand being paid better than the long-term contract he signed a while ago.

However, Tuck is still needed on that line because of his ability to hold up the edge against the run. Umenyiora was awful against the run, and he was only interested in getting to the quarterback instead of holding up on the edge and not letting the running back get to the outside. Tuck and Pierre-Paul are solid against the run despite being pass-rushers. The Giants were horrible overall, so they can use any productive player in any area.

The Giants should get Tuck to take a paycut. However, they should not cut him. When healthy, he’s still solid against the run on the outside.

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