New York Jets: David Garrard and Brady Quinn Certainly Not the Answer at QB

By Andrew Fisher
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I guess it’s no surprise that the New York Jets are making news for their interest in two, we’ll call them ‘average’ quarterbacks. David Garrard recently worked out for the team, and there’s also a very good chance they’ll make an offer to free agent Brady Quinn.

Garrard has been out of the league for a couple years, and Quinn has basically been a career-long backup during his six seasons. Why wouldn’t the Jets be interested?

Seriously though, I just don’t get it. I don’t understand what the Jets are doing with their quarterback situation. Are they sticking with Mark Sanchez? Maybe Tim Tebow stays in New York next season? Then on top of that pile of crap, they’re looking at Garrard and Quinn?

There’s about a one percent chance that any of those four quarterbacks will ever win a Super Bowl, so what’s the point? Why kind of statement is that to the Jets’ players?

Now clearly, this is all speculation, but I won’t be a bit surprised if three of those four quarterbacks are in camp to compete for the starting job next season. Maybe that’s the master plan – make Sanchez earn it!

Honestly, I’d go with Brady Quinn out of the four. He’s never really had a full opportunity to lead a team, so why not see what he can do? I highly doubt he’s better than he seems to be, but you never know.

Jets’ fans can only hope there’s more to the story here, but history shows that there probably isn’t.


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