NFL Rumors: Will Fans Soon Be Allowed to Attend this Popular Off-season Event?

By Ben Grimaldi
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The NFL does plenty of good things when it comes to the fan experience and that’s because they’re always looking toward the future. The league makes tons of money because of the way the sport is marketed and presented to the rabid fans of the sport, and now it seems as though they are trying to cash in once again.

The NFL, trying to capitalize on the popularity of anything involved with the sport, may soon allow fans into the NFL Combine for a fee of $25 per day. According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, the league conducted a survey and asked fans if they would pay $25 to attend the Combine? If there is enough interest, the scouting Combine will likely be attended by fans during the workouts.

I completely understand why the NFL wants to charge fans to attend the event seeing how the rating for the Combine reached an all-time high year but it’s a bad idea. Fans shouldn’t be allowed to watch and distract players while they’re working out. Think about it, is there anyone else in the room with you when you’re interviewing for a job? Just imagine your friends sitting in the interview room with you on your first job interview out of college and you’ll see that it would be a fairly uncomfortable situation.

The Combine is not a place for fans; it’s a place for NFL scouts and coaches to evaluate talent in order to make their teams better. Having fans at the Combine could make for a huge distraction and turn something meaningful into more of a circus. The players already have enough pressure on them and don’t need the added pressure of thousands of fans watching them audition for a job. I know when they make it to the NFL they’ll have more eyes watching them than they ever have but that doesn’t mean it should happen at the Combine too. By allowing fans into the Combine, the NFL is minimizing the importance of the event.

Charging fans to attend the NFL Combine is a bad idea and the league should resist the temptation to allow it.

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