San Francisco 49ers Rumors: Team Interested in Danny Amendola?

By Andrew Fisher
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers‘ entire off-season will be influenced by whether or not they make a deal for Darrelle Revis. The league’s best cornerback has been rumored to be on the top of San Francisco’s wish list, but it now seems like a long shot that a deal will get done. If a trade does happen, that figures to be all the top-tier players the 49ers will pursue. But what if they don’t get Revis?

The latest name being kicked around is wide receiver Danny Amendola.

Recent reports suggest that the St. Louis Rams will let Amendola test the market as an unrestricted free agent. This obviously opens the door for a team like the 49ers to come in and make him an offer he can’t refuse.

The safe bet is that Amendola re-signs with the Rams, but how could he not entertain a deal from the Super Bowl-contending Niners?

I still think acquiring Revis should be the top priority for San Francisco, but if it doesn’t work out, Amendola would be a very nice consolation prize.

You have to wonder if the 49ers will use their recently acquired second round draft pick in a package to acquire Revis. But no matter what, they’re going to have to put a lot on the table to acquire the game’s best corner. Plus, there’s a looming contract extension for Revis next summer, and one the team many not want to deal with.

Even though all the talk has been about Revis Island over the past couple of weeks, it now seems Amendola has a better chance of landing in the Bay Area.


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