Should the Kansas City Chiefs consider Randy Moss?

By Damon Salvadore
Kirby Lee-US Presswire

Starting on March 12, the second leading receiver all-time in touchdowns will be a free agent.

Randy Moss has had a roller coaster ride these last three years, playing for four different teams. In one of those years, Moss “retired” and took the year off. His stay with the Tennessee Titans isn’t remembered by many–he racked up 80 yards without a single touchdown. The future Hall of Famer even returned to the Minnesota Vikings, but that didn’t last long either. He caught just 13 balls and two touchdowns in a purple uniform in 2010. His stay with the San Fransisco 49ers was below average as he helped contribute to the team’s success in 2012.

It’s obvious at this point that Moss will not be returning to the 49ers next year because of his recent tweets. So, should the Kansas City Chiefs be interested?

Maybe. Moss is a low risk at this point in his career. He doesn’t cost anywhere near the amount he used to, even. Is there any risk in signing him to a 1-year $1-2 million deal? No. If he becomes the old Randy Moss–acting out, arguing with quarterbacks and giving up on plays–just cut him. Cutting a player with a $1 million salary doesn’t hurt the cap at all. This team was willing to give Matt Cassel a $62 million deal with $28 million guaranteed, after all.

Moss was willing to play the “backup” role last season behind Michael Crabtree. He wasn’t a problem last season for the 49ers on their Super Bowl run. He made some nice catches and filled the void when fellow receiver Mario Manningham got injured. Again, a one-year contract isn’t a big risk.

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