The Cleveland Browns' Quarterback Evaluations

By William R.
Chris Humphreys-US Presswire

If it is the desire for the Cleveland Browns to make an attempt at signing Matt Cassel or Matt Moore or trading for Matt Flynn in the belief that each need a change in scenery, then why is there not similar thought given in the case of supporting Brandon Weeden? If the teams casting off those quarterbacks actually have a gem on their hands, are there teams in the NFL that look at Weeden the same way? Are the Browns giving Weeden an appropriate evaluation?

The Browns have tape of Weeden and a firm list of circumstances that the new front office considered difficult given the changes that they made on the coaching staff. It is a roster that has not received much convincing endorsement from the new front office. If the Browns’ decision makers were convinced that the coaching staff was not worth keeping in tact, how do they evaluate the pockets of success that Brandon Weeden had in his rookie campaign? Was he a rookie quarterback who showed promise despite a difficult situation?

Down the stretch, Weeden was inconsistent on tape, but good on paper. Since the end of the 2012 season it has been said that the playbook had to be adjusted in response to Weeden’s difficulty in reading defenses. He will be entering a critical second year and will already be with his second offensive coordinator.

Although the Browns may still add a quarterback, the situation with Weeden can be looked at as foreshadowing a potential trade, or as an example of an overall attitude change that the new staff is trying to facilitate.

Like their predecessors, the current Browns front office is attempting to alter the culture of the team. Where the previous group succeeded in assembling a talented roster, perhaps they filled the roster with too much youth too quickly for a team that had a five year plan. Did they create an environment where young players did not push themselves to their highest point of potential because they were abruptly handed a job? From the amount of reserved praise that President Joe Banner and Coach Rob Chudzinski have expressed, it seems like they want the players to do what works best for everyone–work as hard as they can all the time.

To some, comments by Chudzinski and Banner indicate future trades and potential upheavals of the depth chart, but no earth shaking actions have been taken yet.

Brandon Weeden has publicly stated his intent to work as hard as he can to be the starter. Trent Richardson has expressed some positive belief in him. Maybe things are coming together months ahead of training camp.

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