What does Joe Flacco's Contract Mean for Andrew Luck?

By Cameron Adamczyk
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports


If you haven’t heard, Joe Flacco recently became the richest player to ever come to the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens and Flacco agreed to a six year deal worth $120.6 million. There is $52 million guaranteed, and a $29 million signing bonus. For a guy like Flacco, who isn’t the best player ever or even the best quarterback today, this contract spells a nightmare for owners all around the NFL. Now quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan are going to be looking for similar hefty contracts.

This brought up the question of how much money the 2012 rookie quarterbacks are going to receive. If Joe Flacco can get $120.6 million in a contract, I would like to think the ceiling for more talented guys like Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will be the sky. All they have to do is win a few playoff games and they are going to sit back and watch the money roll in.

It is a firm belief of mine that Andrew Luck is going to bring home a Lombardi Trophy to Indianapolis. It is only a matter of time before he does. If he is as lucky as Joe Flacco and wins right before a pay-day, his contract would be record shattering. For a six year deal, it wouldn’t surprise me if they pay Luck $135 million.

As absurd as it sounds, remember when Eli Manning’s contract was bonkers? He got $106 million over seven years. In just four short years, Manning’s contract doesn’t look half as bad compared to Flacco’s. In another four years, Flacco’s contract will not be the highest paid in NFL history.

The price of the quarterback continues to escalate at a ridiculous rate. Who knows what the price will be in ten years? All I know is when Andrew Luck gets his big contract, he is going to be a lot richer than me.


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