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5 Defensive Tackles Dallas Cowboys Should Draft

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5 Defensive Tackles Worth Drafting For Dallas Cowboys

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine has ended and the thing we look into before the actual draft is Pro Days. These are actually more scripted workouts, so there’s no reason for an athlete to have a poor pro Day. So as we are inching closer to the NFL Draft, it’s time to look at the positions and prospects the Dallas Cowboys should be paying the most attention to. We all know the Cowboys main needs on their current roster are the offensive line, the defensive line and secondary. Those aren’t there only needs but they are the main one’s so here we’ll take a look at who the Cowboys should pick at each position.

Some players stood out at the Combine and others did not so in the next two months the list could change a lot but for the most part, these are the players the Cowboys should be looking at, not only in the first round but throughout the draft. Obviously most of them won’t be there for the Cowboys to take since, ya know, there are 31 other teams vying for their services but these players should be on the Cowboys radar moving forward in the draft process. Some of the names are obvious choices and some you may have never heard but these are the players they must seriously consider drafting.

I’ll be doing this series for the next few days and looking at specific positions and today I’ll be looking at the defensive tackle position. The Cowboys have a big need for improved play on their defense and these 5 players would help upgrade the Cowboys defensive line spot.

***Shariff Floyd is not on the list because he’s not likely to make it to the Cowboys at 18.

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5. Josh Boyd-Mississippi St.

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Boyd has plenty of room to grow but has the quickness and agility to shoot the gaps and make plays. He also hustles and plays with toughness. Boyd eeds to use more strength and leverage, but is an interesting late round pick with some potential.

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4. Jordan Hill-Penn St.

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Hill doesn’t have great strength, but he does have quickness and the agility to play in the 4-3. He is quick off the ball and plays with a relentless style, which always fits with head coach Jason Garrett. Hill would be a great pick in the 4th or 5th round.

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3. Sylvester Williams-North Carolina

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Williams has nice blend of strength and quickness, which allowed him to get penetration regularly at UNC. He shoots the gaps and has an array of pass rushing moves, leading to 13.5 sacks last year. Great talent, but effort isn’t always there and that’s why he’s projected as a 3rd round pick. Love the player and the potential and if anyone could make him play his game on every snap, it just might be Rod Marinelli. Williams is one of the most intriguing prospects at the position.

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2. Sheldon Richardson-Missouri

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Richardson possesses a great skill set where he’s strong enough to push offensive linemen around and quick enough to shoot through the creases and make plays in the backfield. He has great athleticism, burst and he hustles. His technique wasn’t always clean and he got pushed around because of it, not because of frame or strength. Richardson would make a great fit for Cowboys at 18.

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1. Star Lotulelei-Utah

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Lotulelei has it all; the athleticism, strength, burst and hustle to make a perfect fit for the Cowboys. The only reason he would drop that far is because of a heart condition that was just found out about at Combine. It is not considered serious and is more of a precaution more than anything else since the condition could have been more related to diet. If he gets to pick 18, Cowboys should sprint up to podium and take him. A Star for Star.