Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis Will Ultimately be Judged in a Higher Court

By Rodney Coe
Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis
Maxwell Kruger-USA Today Sports

Ray Lewis is on trial in the court of public opinion. There are people who don’t like pro sports because of the lack of character shown by some of its celebrities. Lewis makes their case.

Lewis is retiring with the Baltimore Ravens as a Super Bowl champion. He may be that to the NFL, but he is not a super man. When the story hit this week saying Lewis doesn’t have to pay one of the four mothers of his six children more child support, it proves that something is terribly wrong in the world of sports.

The mother of his child was being paid a whopping $3,500 a month. Wow! That comes to $42,000 a year from Dad. Sound good? Consider Lewis made $4.95 million last year just in salary alone. He gave his child less than 1 percent of his annual salary. Does any regular guy get away with that?

Before you judge me or this article let me give you more evidence. The murder trial he was in 13 years ago. I know, I know, he was acquitted. But I am establishing character. What was his character during the investigation? Lewis lied. He admitted he lied to the police, and pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. That may not matter to some people, but does it not paint a larger picture of character?

Consider his charity, set up after the trial to help reform his image. On Feb. 3 of this year, the New York Post reported that he doesn’t give a dime to his own charity. Businesses donate the money for school supplies and food, but all he gives is his name.

I know God does forgive transgressions, but I have never heard Lewis admit to any. Conviction and repentance of sin is what the Bible he quotes teaches.

His pregame chants of, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper,” is found in Isaiah 54:17. I do believe that passage. In an interview that aired the night of the Super Bowl, Lewis claimed that God would never let a murderer prosper. Did God let the Ravens win? If God is all about helping His people win in sports, Tim Tebow would be the perennial Super Bowl MVP.

Now the Ravens are talking about building Lewis a statue. Is it deserved?

I am just presenting the case; Lewis provides his own evidence. It is not my place to judge Lewis. Like all of us, he will be judged ultimately in a much higher court.

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