Dannell Ellerbe Will Have to Take Pay Cut to Stay With Baltimore Ravens

By Devin O'Barr
Danell Ellerbe Celebrates
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After the remarkable season that the Baltimore Ravens had in 2012, it’s awfully hard to think anyone would want to play elsewhere. But the Ravens simply can’t keep everyone. In loom of Joe Flacco becoming the highest paid NFL player in the history of the game, the Ravens must now turn their sights to inside linebacker Danell Ellerbe.

NFL free agency is a brutal game, however Ellerbe has already showed some of his cards saying ” I want to be in Baltimore. My heart is in Baltimore, I love Baltimore, I love the fans.” Well, the rubber is going to meet the road for the four-year pro as he led the Ravens in tackles last season and will be a hot commodity once free agency hits on March 12th.

It’s admirable what Ellerbe had to say about the Ravens faithful, however we will see just how loyal Ellerbe is to the team when another club offers him top-tier money and Baltimore is begging for a home-town discount.

The Baltimore Sun says “there is speculation” he is seeking $25-30M in a multi-year contract. If this is true, the 27-year-old will be playing his football for a team with some cash in the bank like the Cincinnati Bengals.

This is a common case of a contending team simply having too many free agents and not enough money. However, to expect a play-maker like Ellerbe to take a pay cut from a team that just made Flacco the richest man in the sport is asinine. I would be absolutely shocked if he returns to the team in 2013, even with his aforementioned love for the fan base.

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