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New York Giants Were Wise To Not Use Franchise Tag

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Yesterday’s franchise tag deadline came and went with only a few teams taking advantage of it. One of those teams who didn’t was the New York Giants. Were they right to do it? Let’s give it a little examination.

The guy who I would’ve used it on was Will Beatty, but the Giants didn’t need to since they signed the tackle to a team friendly six year deal. Beatty was one of the best tackles in the game last year, in a season that saw him finally stay healthy and prove that he was worthy of a second round selection.

The Giants have plenty of guys who are free agents, but none probably worthy of paying such a high cost. Is Osi Umenyiora worthy of $11.175 million next year as a player who is one dimensional to a team with cap issues? I don’t think so.

$2.7 million for Lawrence Tynes? No way. $9.619 million for Keith Rivers or Chase Blackburn? $6.916 million for Kenny Phillips when the team has depth at the safety position? No thank you. $6.066 million for Martellus Bennett? He can be had for less and for a longer term.

If the Giants are going to re-sign any or all of their pending free agents, they can be had for cheaper than the franchise tag rates that are in place for 2013. The Giants were wise to keep what little cap room they had left as we are a week from free agency. It’s up to them to restructure some deals to help them out cap-wise. The franchise tag would have made things worse.



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