Positions the Oakland Raiders need to focus on in the off-season

By Jeremy Hayes
Oakland Raiders
Kyle Terada- USA Today Sports

The Oakland Raiders need a miracle, but you never know when your team can land that one game-changing player that improves the roster.

There isn’t a single position that doesn’t need work, but their are specific holes they need to fill–and fast.

One position no one has brought up is running back. Darren McFadden will be the starter next season, but they might lose Mike Goodson and Taiwan Jones will be on the defensive side of the ball next season. They need to go after a cheap but talented “scat-back” or even a power-back to come off the bench or to play if McFadden gets injured again.

Possible options? Ahmad Bradshaw or Danny Woodhead would be interesting third-down backs to have in the backfield. Obviously, the offensive line needs a ton of work, but so will the defensive line. They are going to have to reboot the entire offensive line, but as far as the defensive side of the ball, it may only take one big tackle to shift themselves into a better state.

Maybe take a look at a free agent combo signing in Chris Canty and William Hayes as interior defensive linemen.

The big free agent splash that fans may see could be at the corner back position. This is where the Raiders should think about putting their money, and signing a player like Aquib Talib, Derek Cox or even Leodis McKelvin.

Whatever moves they make, it is going to take a lot money to try and get a solid group together, which may mean the releasing of current players or just no re-signing of veterans.

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