T.Y Hilton Will Become A Household Name in 2013

By Cameron Adamczyk
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

When you think of the Indianapolis Colts, you have to think of Andrew Luck. It only makes sense to think of one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league, but who many people do not think about is one of the most talented wide receivers in the league. T.Y Hilton is the player I am referring to, and don’t be surprised when he becomes a household name in 2013.

Hilton may not be the biggest receiver in the world, as he stands at 5’ 9” and weighs in at a minuscule 183 pounds. If someone told you those numbers, you would never associate that with an NFL wide receiver. But what makes T.Y so good is his speed and hands. Just re-watching some of his college and rookie highlights, you see how fast and how good of hands he has.

Here are some of the highlight videos I watched. I suggest you watch them too.

T.Y Hilton Highlights College

T.Y Hilton Highlights Rookie Year

If you watched both of those, you see his talent throughout the videos. His 4.3 speed makes him an immediate punt return threat, and to add to that his glue-like hands puts him at a great advantage. He is not only an ideal slot receiver, he is an ideal player.

What makes him an even bigger threat is his quarterback. You are at another distinct advantage when you are one of Andrew Luck’s favorite targets. Luck is going to drop back 30 to 40 times a game, and he is going to throw to Hilton a good percentage of those times. This not only improves Hilton, it improves Luck to have such a threat working with him.

In my opinion, Hilton is a top 15 wide receiver talent in the NFL, and is a top 10 slot receiver today. Hilton is one guy to really watch out for in 2013 to be a break out stud.


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