Vince Young's Attempt at a Comeback Should be Fun

By Ben Grimaldi
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It hasn’t been that long since we’ve heard a story about an overweight, highly drafted quarterback attempt a comeback has it? A couple of months ago football fans were treated to the news that former first pick overall JaMarcus Russell was attempting a comeback, and now it appears as though another quarterback wants back in as well.

Former Tennessee TitansPhiladelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young is attempting a comeback and will be working out at the University of Texas‘ Pro Day for scouts on March 26. Young last played in the NFL in 2012 for the Bills in training camp but was cut by the team in late August.

The NFL loves a good comeback story and if Young can make it back, it’ll be one heck of a story. Young’s lack of commitment to the game and his teammates during his career has been laughable despite having the tools for success. His partying ways and lifestyle have led the one time multi-millionaire to having major financial problems. So it’s possible that Young’s attempt at a comeback is more about earning a paycheck than it is about the game.

Young once had it all and was a very good quarterback when he was with the Titans but he didn’t put in the work to play up to his enormous potential. Now Young is trying to make it back to the NFL and let’s hope he’s prepared. This could be Young’s last shot at making it back into the NFL so I hope he’s ready for the opportunity. Like Russell his weight ballooned during his last few seasons and it won’t help his cause if he’s not in shape.

We’ll all find out how it goes on March 26, but if it’s anything like Vince Young’s career, it should be fun.

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