Von Miller Guarantees Super Bowl Win for Denver Broncos

By Joe Morrone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Yes it’s true that linebacker, Von Miller, guaranteed the Denver Broncos are going to win Super Bowl XLVIII, but the promise was not a typical guarantee that most athletes make. This one was personal and it was designed to make another person feel better.

Miller’s cousin was in a terrible car accident recently and the linebacker has dedicated the 2013 season to him. When his cousin awoke from a coma on Monday, Miller was overcome with emotion and Tweeted the following.

You can post this wherever, Denver broncos will win Super Bowl 2013 #4UJERMIAH #IGUARANTEEIT58

The Broncos probably aren’t thrilled with Miller’s proclamation. They are under enough pressure next season following the upset loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional playoffs. However, anyone who has followed Miller knows he’s not prone to making these types of boastful statements.

A couple of the things that make Miller great is that he plays with a tremendous amount of emotion and passion; those traits were evident again on Monday when he made the promise to his cousin. If Miller’s words can act as an inspiration to his cousin who has been through a terrible ordeal, then it was worth it.

As for the Broncos, the pressure was going to be there anyway as I mentioned earlier. Miller’s words do not add to that pressure and in a month, no one is going to remember it anyway. I take that back, his cousin will remember it and that’s the only thing that matters.

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